Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ajijic Book Club?

The Ajijic Book Club focuses exclusively on the civil discussion of nonfiction books.

How do I join?

To become a member of ABC you need to register on this website. Go to Members Only tab. Select Sign. Enter the required information. Submit. You will receive an email verification. Upon your acceptance you become a member with access to the member only section.

Am I required to create a profile?

No. However, creating a personal profile is strongly encouraged. You may share as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with.

Am I required to post a picture?

No, but it is strongly encouraged.

Are profiles and pictures in the public domain?

No. This information is available only to other Ajijic Book Club members. The intention behind sharing personal information is to facilitate social interaction amongst members.

Am I required to post a book report?

No, but it is strongly encouraged. Creating and sharing book reports is a primarily activity of the Ajijic Book Club.

Are there any restrictions on the content of book reports?

The only restriction is that all books reported on are nonfiction. Books may be from any genre and from any time period. However, the Ajijic Club Club reserves the right to act if material is posted that is judged to be extremely offensive by a majority of members.

Am I required to comment on book reports?

No, but it is strongly encouraged if the book report is of interest to you. The Ajijic Book Club encourages civil discussion of ideas not accepted by other members.

Will there be meetings?‚Äč

In person meetings are the core activity of the Ajijic Book Club. There are generally ten meetings per year held at various venues. Attendance fluctuates within a range from as few as six people to occasionally more than twenty.

Is attendance at meetings required?

The Ajijic Book Club recognizes that some members will prefer to participate primarily via the online platform. Other members may prefer in person interaction. There is a minimal requirement that all members attend no less than one meeting per year.