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The focus of the Ajijic Book Club is exclusively on nonfiction books. Members may review and discuss books on all subjects and for any time period. The Ajijic Book Club also provides members with opportunities for socializing.
In a world of growing polarization and conflict, the members of the Ajijic Book Club, in a spirit of celebrating the oneness of humanity, seek to engage in civil dialogue with each other especially when confronted by deeply held opposing views.

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Sent by the World Health Organization to assist the Ethiopian government in preventing meningitis outbreaks in 1990, Dr. Cornelia Davis eagerly accepted this posting. She headed to Addis Ababa, unaware of an obscure war that had gone on for two decades. The doctor had an ulterior motive — she wanted to adopt an infant girl. While providing expert assistance to control epidemics in several countries, Connie submitted her adoption application. Rebels captured previous strongholds of the Ethiopian government and the Prime Minister fled. Connie was left in charge of the WHO EPR Unit. The airport closed and the rebels entered the capital. In the midst of this chaos, Davis was approved to look for an orp...

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Author: Cornelia E. Davis MD MPH

Cornelia E. Davis MD MPH
- Seek first to understand, then to be understood. -
Stephen Covey