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Riding off the Edge of the Map is a true account of the author and two fellow motorcyclists on an adventure-tour into Mexico's rugged and stunning Copper Canyon. They follow an errant map until they have traveled so far into danger that returning is deemed more precarious than continuing. Struggling with nearly impassible roads, injury, terror, and broken equipment, the three men were eventually forced to independently find their way back to civilization from the most remote part of the Canyon. The quest begins in the heart of Central Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains and traces their journey up the Pacific Coast and into the largest canyon system in North America, 1700 feet deeper and fou...

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Author: David Bryen

David Bryen

David Bryen was born in 1948 in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Montana. Born into a preacher's family he struggled to free himself from the tyranny of fundamentalist theology. He spent 36 years as a professional psychotherapist working with individuals and counseling marital couples. He rode motorcycles his whole life and spent the last years before he retired to Mexico as a Motorcycle Safety Instructor for Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program. His latest book is "Riding off the Edge of the Map" which is a true story of his motorcycle misadventure into Mexico's famed and rugged Copper Canyon. He survived to write this profound story in which he weaves his insights from a lifetime as a...


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